28 Nov

If you are looking for tips on how to make daily sales on Poshmark you've come to the right place. I have been selling on the app since May, 2012. As of today, November, 28, 2020 I have been on the app close to 9 years! Wow! I have learned a lot over that time and have tried out countless strategies to make more sales on Poshmark. In this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wb5uKvejaus, I go over the ones that have become my favorites and that I truly believe help me to make sales fast on Poshmark. I hope you enjoy these tips on how to make more sales on Poshmark everyday.

Strategy 1 - Offers To Likers and Communication

     Every single day, now keep in mind I do this full time, I send out offers to likers on every single item that had a like on it that day. For example, let's say that somebody liked a dress on Poshmark. I would go into that listing and send out a 10% offer to liker and $2.12 shipping discount (that you have to send out along with the offer). I will also go into that liker's bundle and I will add the dress to their bundle. I send them a message in the bundle saying "Hi! Thanks for the like! If you are interested in bundling, I am currently offering 20% off bundles of 2 or more :) If you want this item only, I have sent a private discount." 

     The combination of sending them an offer, the same day that they liked an item, along with communicating with them about your bundle discount, really gives you the best chance to make a sale on that item. It makes you stand out from the crowd because a lot of people will just send out the offer to liker and not send a message along with it. It will remind the buyer that they can possibly make a bundle and save even more.

     I send out a 10% offer to liker and not a higher discount because I really want the shopper to take advantage of my bundle discount. I don't necessarily want them to buy using my 10% offer to liker discount. I would rather they take advantage of my bundle discount so that they can get a better deal and I will make more money because they are buying more things from my closet. Since I have started doing this, I have seen a huge boost in the amount of bundle sales that I make. I would really encourage you all to do the same; where you reach out to your potential buyers and let them know about your bundle discount. Make sure it is a high enough bundle discount that it entices the shopper to create bundles.

     Another thing that really helps, is if you send the offer to liker discount shortly after the shopper has liked the item. I wait at least 10 minutes after the person has liked the item to make sure they are not going to purchase for my full asking price. After the waiting period, I send them the offer to liker discount. Sometimes it is much longer than 10 minutes before I send the offer, but I like to wait at least 10 minutes because you never know who might be an impulse buyer. These shoppers like items and then buy them on a whim because they like the item in the moment. If they wait long enough they are going to thing about if they actually need the item or actually want the item and they might not buy it then or they might go on and find something else to buy. Maybe they are shopping for something specific and they have liked several of the same sort of thing. They may just be waiting for offers and the first one that comes along they accept and purchase that item. I have lost a lot of sales to not sending out my offers fast enough. The earlier you can send them, the better. 

     Try to send offers to likers every single day if you can. At night, you can go through all of your likes and follow these steps:

     1. Go into the likers bundle

     2. Click on the item they liked and send the offer to liker

     3. Go back to their bundle and send them them the bundle message mentioned above

     You can set up shortcut messages. For example, you can write "ABC" and then have that be a shortcut for your bundle message. That's what I do, I just have the shortcut, quickly type it in, get that message to them and move on to the next item. It's pretty fast. The time consuming part is that I have a lot of items for sale in my closet so I receive a lot of likes everyday. The more you can be on top of it the less time consuming it will be at the end of the day because you have already send a bunch of offers to likers throughout the day.

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