Poshmark is an instagram-like fashion marketplace we have been using since 2012. It is our main platform, items get posted here first. As a special limited time offer - get $10 when you sign up with the invite code BLUECONSIGNMENT.

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    A true staple in the reseller market space and where it all began. We have been on ebay since 2009 and have over 1,900 reviews with 100% positive feedback.

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    Mercari is quickly becoming the next big marketplace app. Blue Consignment started selling on Mercari in 2014 under the username @blueeyedaisy3. Now we are at over 2000 reviews.

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    Depop is like the cool hipster cousin to the other reselling apps. You'll find some really unique pieces over there. Check us out under the username @blueeyedaisy3. We offer free shipping on bundles!

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    Hi! I'm Macy and I sell clothing online for a living. Follow my reselling journey through my what sold videos, thrift with me's, and more. As part accountant, I may get a bit into the numbers with you but hopefully you find my data interesting and entertaining!

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